The Best Skincare Collection for your Self Care

Healthy and radiant-looking skin is the DNA of GIGI laboratories! GIGI laboratories began manufacturing professional cosmetic products in Israel since 1957. Today, GIGI Laboratories is a leading global brand with over 300 active products, and a leading cosmetics exporter to more than 45 countries in Europe, Asia, the US, and the Far East, marketing its products to 60,000 cosmetic and beauty salons worldwide.

True to its vision and values of innovation and leadership, the team at GIGI continue to spearhead, revolutionize and advance the professional cosmetics industry in Israel and around the world. 

GIGI Collections

3D Hyalu Fill

3D – the new generation of hyaluronic acid!
It’s time to turn back time!
Hyaluronic acid is an essential component in our system. In addition to moisturizing our skin, it also functions as the foundation for important proteins such as collagen and elastin that give your skin volume, strength and flexibility. However, over time, the hyaluronic acid found in collagen and other proteins diminishes, causing your complexion to lose volume and shine.

GIGI’s innovative 3D line is comprised of advanced ingredients capable of repairing deep skin dryness and wrinkles, and the most advanced innovations in the cosmetics field, to give back your skin the hyaluronic acid it has lost.

Using 3D provides a significant firming and filling effect for a youthful, bright and radiant look.

So who said you can’t turn back time?

With the new 3D generation of hyaluronic acid, everything is possible!


You’re great just as you are, so why let some pimples change that? 

The GIGI revolutionary ACNON line with the unique patent for the treatment and prevention of acne has been developed in collaboration with world-renowned chemists and dermatologists. 

The line’s products have been shown to be particularly effective in treating acne at all stages of the breakout, designed for daily use, and achieve fast and visible results. 

ACNON products contain ingredients that soothe the effects of redness and irritation and cleanse, purify and protect the skin from acne at every stage.

Discover ACNON, discover the smooth, glowing look you deserve!


Ugh, dryness. what is it good for? Absolutely nothing – not for your life, not for hair and certainly not for your skin.

It’s time to fight back, get rid of the dryness and enjoy a hydrated and radiant look, every season, and in every situation!

Introducing the BIOPLASMA line – a unique GIGI skincare line that truly protects your skin from dryness. 

BIOPLASMA products contain unique natural ingredients that thrive in extreme climates and environmental conditions, along with plant-derived ingredients that are responsible for maintaining plant life under dry conditions.

Yes, with regular use of BIOPLASMA products, you also will be able to neutralize oxidative damage and improve the softness and flexibility of the skin. So say bye-bye to dryness and hello to a youthful, vital and glamorous looking face.

City Nap

You’re busy, you’re in a hurry, and you have so many things to do, see and experience. 

But as you know, living in an urban, stressed and demanding environment takes a toll on your complexion, and while UV protection is important, it isn’t nearly enough. Air pollution, smog, exposure to smartphones, tablets and computers, and even stress, make your skin age at a dizzying pace.

That is why we have developed the CITYNAP line – an innovative care line- for urban life by GIGI. 

All CITYNAP products contain a unique combination of seaweed and plant complex which include vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to boost your skin’s immune system and speed up the healing process of the skin to help protect you from the harmful effects of daily life.

So go paint the town red looking healthy, youthful, and fresh, with a little help from CITYNAP.

Ester C

As you probably know, vitamin C is essential – it provides energy, boosts the immune system, and improves body and mind functions. But what about your skin? That’s right, it deserves all that goodness too.<br><br>

Meet ESTER C, a perfect GIGI skincare line that harnesses all the wonderful advantages of Vitamin C and combats time damage for a beautiful, fresh complexion. The Ester C line is proven to retain all the properties of Vitamin C and even quadruples its intake and efficiency.

ESTER C products penetrate and strengthen your skin’s elasticity, protect against free radicals, and encourage collagen production – all the benefits of vitamin C – for a youthful, supple, and vital look – just like you deserve!


The Lotus is a beautiful and spectacular flower that floats on the water and is considered a symbol of beauty, purity, youth and inner strength. But did you know that the Lotus flower can also do wonders when it comes to your skin?

Lotus flowers contain a rich complex of vitamins, minerals and proteins, copper and iron. They are rich in antioxidants, contain moisturizing ingredients and have significant purification abilities. They are also known for their ability to stimulate collagen fibers and strengthen the epidermal layer.

The LOTUS line from GIGI allows your skin to benefit from the many wonderful advantages of the Lotus flower. The line contains a wide range of products that provide moisture and elasticity to your skin, balance its texture, and cleanse it thoroughly. The line’s products also help delay the aging process, protect your skin from the sun and treat wrinkles and blemishes.

Oh, and the smell is just wonderful.

The Lotus flower – a gift from nature to your skin.


Meet GIGI’s NUTRI PEPTIDE line, a highly active and effective series that combines technological and natural ingredients for quick results in the clinic and at home.

The line’s range of products provide an effective anti-aging treatment that helps combat blemishes and wrinkles, balance problematic skin, provide maximum moisture and nourishment and promotes a glowing and radiant look.

NUTRI PEPTIDE – it shows you care.

Oxygen Prime

A breath of fresh air for your face.

Oxygen is a wonderful ingredient, in addition to being essential to life, it also acts to rapidly regenerate skin cells for a fresh, youthful appearance.

GIGI’s state-of-the-art OXYGEN PRIME line uses advanced technology to integrate the amazing capabilities of oxygen to reduce skin damage, build active tissue and prevent wrinkles and imperfections while moisturizing and contributing to a supple and healthy-looking skin.

So take a breather with GIGI OXYGEN PRIME, giving you all the benefits of oxygen.


You know you know how important your skin is. That is why you invest, care and give it the best you can. Still, it’s important to remember that your facial skin is sensitive and needs a high-quality, effective support system to help it glow.

The GIGI RECOVERY line has been specially developed to address the individual needs of the skin, before and after professional treatments, cosmetic surgery, deep chemical treatments, exfoliation, or refill injections. 

RECOVERY’s advanced skin care products prepare the skin for facial and cosmetic procedures, expedite the healing process, reduce the risk of scarring, and prevent redness, sensitivity, and inflammatory response of the skin.

Most importantly, regular use of the lines products has been shown to strengthen and enhance the results of procedures or treatments and preserve them over time.

So for truly perfect results, treat yourself with RECOVERY.

Retinol Forte

A skin rejuvenation treatment series that combines the benefits of vitamin A with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) to achieve smooth and soft skin with an even tone. 

Retinol, (a substance similar to Retin-A), is derived from vitamin A and is a safe cosmetic version that does not cause redness and peeling like Retin-A. Retinol is converted to retinoic acid in the dermis, binds to cell receptors, and functions as young cells. 

Retinol is considered a primary component in the war against aging skin; it assists in the production of healthy skin cells, increases the amount of supporting fibers (collagen and elastin), reduces the appearance of open pores, and increases the skin’s natural moisture. In addition, retinol boosts cell replacement, encourages exfoliation and loss of dead skin cells, lightens skin discolorations and enables healthy skin cells to regenerate and fill wrinkles.

The Retinol Forte series boosts the skin to function optimally within 28 days of treatment. Skin will appear firm, fresh and lighter. The series is suitable for all skin types after being professionally matched.

The Retinol Forte series for home use is intended to complete and enhance the results of professional treatment. The Retinol series works in synergy and compliments each other’s activity, thus improving the state of skin within 28 days. When using the Retinol Forte series exposure to the sun should be avoided and high SPF sunscreen be applied.